Rescue & Rehome

Rescue & Re-home

Since 2015 over 450 cats and dogs have been attended to by our Trust. The vast majority were rescued as they were ill, injured, abandoned or dying from starvation. These were all fostered by dedicated foster parents, healed and adopted out to fabulous homes. We ensure 100% are fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered. We do follow up visits to ensure the sterilization is done and also to support the new owners in making it a successful and happy union. Some of these animals are easily placed and with others we spend many months of love,
patience and training before they become confident and happy animals. Their traumas at times are huge. We are always astounded how animals in spite of great misfortune want to love unconditionally if people give them some time! Do check out our fosters – they make wonderful friends. 


Animals in Situ

Our vet and team often go out to assist animals who will remain in the place they live. With the great support of area residents, we help with food, medical care and ensure animals are sterilized so the population is smaller and healthier. All are rabies vaccinated and dewormed. Want to impact your community? 


Rescue Stories

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