SCAR: The arrival.

Scar upon arrival


Scar upon arrival

                The Scar Saga

  I have stumbled on the Muthaiga road more times than I can count. My old bones can barely hold me up I am weak and very sick, not to mention I haven’t had good food in weeks. I fell into a ditch you see and had no strength to haul myself out. I thought that was it for me but someone picked me up and carried me into their car where I fell asleep. The next thing I remember is being in a strange place but with people who actually care.  These guys gave me rehydration fluids and the vet examined me, said I had pneumonia, a bad heart and was near starvation, I could have died. I have a warm bed now, and these lovely people keep checking on me. I cannot eat yet but I feel I can safely sleep.


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