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Anyone can volunteer, there will be something you can do. Sometimes opportunities are a bit more limited for children under 16. Yet many children of all ages have been very creative fundraisers or assisted with puppies for example.

Types of volunteering:

Our Mobile Clinic goes out to rural and under privileged areas once or twice a month, usually on weekends, with  two days in one location. Locations are usually within 50km from Nairobi. Our campaigns are so much fun, inspiring AND….. hard work! Our days start at 7AM at the venue and finish around 6PM. It is possible to volunteer part of the time.

TNR Volunteer Kennel Hand (walking, training, socialising, etc with dogs at foster homes). Fund raising. Fostering of various animals (when needed) for DOGS and CATS. When necessary, going to places to help with animals in distress

Read the flyer and apply

Education program design, photography and video for promotional or story purposes, folding and collating flyers to name a few. Contact us through the form. 

Become a kennel hand volunteer

In case you have questions, kindly email or phone our office. 

1. Read

Read the kennel hand flyer for more information.

3. Acknowledgement

We will acknowledge your application by contacting you.

2. Fill in the form below

Fill in the form by clicking on the link below.

4. We'll get in touch

Fill in the kennel hand form here:

TNR Trust has merged into KSPCA. The Trust will stop its business from July 1st.

Wednesday clinics, Vaccination campaigns and all other services have ceased.

Please contact KSPCA for information on:

1.Sterilization programmes and campaigns

2. Fostering: contact

3. Volunteering: More information

4. Crate Rental: Call 0733 517 125
For issues concerning TNR Trust contact

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