Spay Sister Campaign by the TNR Trust

TNR TRUST joined a special group of women vets based in the UK called the Spay Sisters to do a 9 days campaign in Ruai, Kibera and Kayole. Spay Sisters dedicated their time to come, volunteer with us and support our mission – controlling rabies and reducing pet overpopulation.

For the first time ever, the University of Nairobi brought in 5th year students for observation and learning from our guest vets as well as our own experienced team of Kenyan vets.

Campaigns aimed VERY LOW INCOME communities who cannot afford to pay for the services.

2. It is for people RESIDING IN THIS AREA. Preference was given to people within the perimeters.

3. We encourage all who can afford to pay to go to their local private or county vet. If instead you make use of our free service, you may deprive others of the opportunity to keep their pets and family safe.


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