Are you an animal lover? Do you believe in the power of community-driven change? If so, we invite you to collaborate with us in fundraising for TNR Trust Nairobi! 🐱 Who is TNR Trust Nairobi? 🐶 TNR Trust Nairobi is a dedicated team of animal advocates working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives […]


🐾 In commemoration of World Rabies Day 🐾 September 30th and October 1st saw TNR Trust, KESCAVA, KSPCA, KVA, UON-CAVS, FAO, ZDU, and Kiambu County come together to facilitate a vaccination and sterilization campaign at Uthiru Gichagi Chiefs camp in Ndumbuini. Needless to say, with great collaboration, comes great results! The team worked tirelessly and […]

Garden City Stray Cats Rescue

– Our rescue work with the stray cats of Garden City Mall & Apartments- By Michelle and Tasha Francis Once upon a time, during the height of the Covid pandemic, my daughter and myself, both passionate animal lovers were concerned about the welfare of stray cats in the community. We noticed that many of the […]

CAMPAIGN ALERT! We are excited to be back on the road again, this time headed to Nanyuki and partnering with KSPCA Nanyuki, The Laikipia County Government, North Kenya Veterinary Services and The Andy’s Veterinary Clinic. Campaign dates:   22nd – 25th September 2022 Time: 9am to 4pm Campaign Locations: Baraka; Kings Springs Academy Kanyoni ; William […]

Transmissible Venereal Tumors  in Dogs

Transmissible venereal tumors (TVT) are tumors that arise from the dysregulated growth of cells called histiocytes. It is sexually transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact with the tumor that results in cancer cells being transplanted from dog to dog. Dogs of any breed, age, or sex are susceptible, but it is most commonly observed in mixed-breed dogs, […]

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