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THE RISK OF RABIES Some 2000 people die of rabies very year. It is mainly caused through bites from dogs that carry the disease. The number of animals who die from this disease are unknown. Once contracted, it is rare to survive. Yet it is an entirely avoidable disease, as vaccinated animals will be immune to it. We are… Continue reading TNR INFO: About Us

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TNR Trust in the news!

Yes, yes, yes! TNR Trust was in the NEWS! VIDEO:  Click on: TNR Trust fights to end rabies by 2030 In October 2017, Carla Viezee (a trustee from TNR Trust) gave an interview to The Star explaining what the intentions and goals are from TNR Trust regarding eradicating rabies in Kenya.  WHAT IS RABIES? Rabies is… Continue reading TNR Trust in the news!

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TNR INFO: About Us

TNR AND COMMUNITY We believe that our community consists of not only people but also flora and fauna, and that all are dependent on each other. We have chosen to address the dog and cat population explosion, which brings suffering and disease to both animals and people. By creating a healthy, small population of such animals,… Continue reading TNR INFO: About Us

Katie was near death from malnourishment, yet she was still an amazing mum to all her 6 pups
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Out on Call in Mwimuto (Nairobi)

In March 2017, TNR Trust received word of an emaciated dog with 6 puppies. We only drove 30 minutes from upmarket Runda to the place, but it was a whole different world at Mwimuto, full of little farms, dirt roads, 1 cow per compound and struggling people. We were welcomed and thanks to a local… Continue reading Out on Call in Mwimuto (Nairobi)