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Another wonderful “FAILED FOSTERS”

Chebet came to us through KSPCA. She was known to the KSPCA Staff as "Kadogo" (little one). She was in a large kennel with lots of other dogs and was pushed to the back by the other bigger dogs. But she called to us with a very cute "Rrrrruuuuw" (howl/bark) she produced. She quickly bonded… Continue reading Another wonderful “FAILED FOSTERS”

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KSPCA and TNR TRUST Collaboration

Sometimes people ask us if we are in competition with KSPCA (Kenyan Society for the Protection and Care of Animals). They have dogs for adoption, we have dogs for adoption. They are based in Nairobi, we are based in Nairobi. They do animal welfare, we do animal welfare. BUT: there is NO competition between KSPCA… Continue reading KSPCA and TNR TRUST Collaboration