XYLITOL: The sweetener that’s not so sweet to pets. Do you check your labels when buying for your dogs? Xylitol, also identified as “birch sugar” or “birch sap” is a common ingredient in sugar-free products. It’s commonly found in: It’s safe for human consumption but toxic to dogs and can cause adverse effects in cats. […]

TNR Trust has merged into KSPCA. The Trust will stop its business from July 1st.

Wednesday clinics, Vaccination campaigns and all other services have ceased.

Please contact KSPCA for information on:

1.Sterilization programmes and campaigns info@kspca.or.ke.

2. Fostering: contact rehoming@kspca.or.ke

3. Volunteering: More information https://www.kspca.or.ke/volunteers/

4. Crate Rental: Call 0733 517 125
For issues concerning TNR Trust contact carla@tnrtrust.org

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