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Volunteering with TNR Trust: A sneak preview

Below is a beautiful example of what satisfaction volunteering with TNR Trust can give you. Bubbles was a TNR dog living in a foster home. While we were trying to find a good home for her, our volunteers spent lots of time with him: playing, cuddles, some basic obedience training and... BELLY RUBS! TNR Trust… Continue reading Volunteering with TNR Trust: A sneak preview

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FOSTERING: The benefits

Often people wonder: why do you put the animals in temporary foster homes? It is actually very logical: when the dog or cat gets put into a foster family, it has exposure to an actual home. This means lots more training can be done, the animal can socialize with humans and other animals, house training… Continue reading FOSTERING: The benefits

A TNR Volunteer managed to lure Kira with some nice treats
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Out on Call in Runda (Nairobi, Kenya)

At the end of November 2017, 1 of our volunteers got a phone call from a friend. This friend had seen a dog on her way to drop her kids off at school. She noticed it didn't move much so thought it might be injured. The next day it was still there, leaning against a… Continue reading Out on Call in Runda (Nairobi, Kenya)

Puppy Play Time - Belly Rubs!
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Volunteering with TNR: Kennel Hands

Kennel Hand Volunteers are essential for TNR Trust to provide a safe and secure home for our dogs at our kennels in Nairobi. We are always looking for volunteers to support our trust and provide the help we need to give our animals the care they need. As a volunteer, you will make a huge difference to… Continue reading Volunteering with TNR: Kennel Hands