They may not have a warm blanket to go home to but that doesn’t mean they have to remain neglected. Feral cats are not accustomed to contact with humans, they live in colonies and are fearful of people. Trap-Neuter-Return saves and improves these cats lives as many will get into fights, whether it be territorial, food related or over a female. The program ensures that the cats are humanely trapped, sterilized, vaccinated and ear tipped then released.

The Garden City Feral Cat Program was started in June of 2020 when Covid saw to the closing down of eateries bringing about an influx of strays into the bordering estates. Michelle, a resident noticed the increased number of cats invading homes and being a nuisance so she rallied her community, approached TNR and together embarked on a population control drive.  Sterilizing and vaccinating against rabies and cat flu.

 Poisoning isn’t the best option as the cats are just looking to survive and as long as there is food, they’d keep coming back. TNR mobilized volunteers and carried out a 3 day trap and sterilization campaign. A total of 27 cats were sterilized; 18 spays and 9 neuters. 8 kittens were also followed up on and neutered.

In the last 1 year the numbers have dropped significantly. With the older ones dying of natural causes and no new births, residents only see about 16 cats down from the original 35. They are happy and continue to feed them and TNR still offers annual vaccination and regular deworming and vet care. Currently, there are 14 cats being tracked, 5 of which have already been sterilized.

Is your neighborhood overwhelmed with feral cats? TNR has humane and efficient traps available for rent and we also offer spay and neuter services. Get in touch with us via email: to collaborate in setting up a feral cat program.

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