Having a furry fluffy companion by your side is essential.
Why having a furry friend is the best money well spent. 

Listen, I get it. The economy is not at its best. You’ve sat in traffic more than you’d like and watched that ‘matatu’ overlap while wondering whether the driver has a valid license let alone insurance. You have a 40 hour job to attend to, bills to pay, personal goals to meet, the kids’ homework needs to be done, plus you just remembered you don’t have milk for tomorrow’s breakfast. Welcome to adulting where half of us want to cancel our subscription, all of us are tired and we have the “we have food at home” conversation with ease.

Now I’m not saying that the notes app or elaborate daily planner and alarm system won’t help you tackle any of these things. I’m here to sell you on an idea that makes it all bearable. Like anything worthwhile, it will cost you a little bit of yourself. If you’ve never come home to a furry friend wagging its tail with your favourite sock in its mouth, meowing at the top of its lungs after ripping your sofa or simply peeing at the sight of you, believe me, you are missing out BIG TIME! It’s the best thing in the world.

Here’s a list covering some benefits of having companion pets i.e. cats and dogs not excluding your parrot, hamster, horse, tortoise, fish or any legal domestic animal that brings you joy.

  1. Pets provide emotional support, companionship, reduce loneliness and stress. Animals innately and freely provide compassion where humans have to learn it. Your animal can simply sense things before you and can read you better than your ‘bestie’. Petting them provides tactile relief and some also lick away tears which is a bonus.
  2. Pets boost your mood by creating hearty laughs. You need to experience a dog blowing bubbles out of its nose, or a horse rolling in dust after a bath or a parrot repeating your most used bad word or a cat declaring war on its tail to understand this.
  3. Pets encourage exercise, playfulness and health. You don’t even know the number of times I had to run after my dog to make sure she does not swallow anything she’s not supposed to. Never mind climbing walls thinking my cat is stuck only for him to scale down like a rock climber.
  4. Pets promote social interactions and connections. Having a pet breaks the ice easily especially when you’re first socializing them. They allow for people to form bridges easily by discussing the simplest things such as effective leashes, diet and the vet that managed to administer a vaccine with minimal difficulty.
  5. Pets promote mental health, mood and lower blood pressure. You don’t need another diet or free pass to all the cake you can eat for the next 90days. This is because having a pet increases a sense of meaning and purpose that every human being needs. Furthermore, petting fluffy companions whether scratching the backs of their ears or rubbing their belly is linked to higher levels of the feel good hormone called cortisol.

All in all, having a floof or an animal companion could be one of the best decisions you could ever make. All your responsibilities will not magically disappear, but it is assured that your heart, mind and soul will be nourished every single day by having an animal in your life.

What have you gained from having a pet? We would love to hear from you! Don’t have a pet? What about fostering? If this sounds like something you would consider, please get in touch with use:

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