Rabies is an entirely avoidable disease and has been eradicated in many countries through systematic, mass vaccinations of dogs. Yet in Kenya, some 2000 people die of rabies every year.  It is mainly caused through bites from dogs that carry the disease. The number of animals who die from this disease are unknown. Once contracted and symptoms appear, it is rare to survive. We are addressing this issue through vaccinations of dogs and cats – either owned by low-income households or stray animals. We educate the public on dog bite and rabies prevention. Read and share our flyer.

Being a responsible pet owner

The easiest step in the fight against rabies is to vaccinate your own dog yearly. Puppies receive the first dose around 12 weeks. It is law in Kenya to vaccinate your dog by a Kenya Veterinary Board(KVB) registered vet annually. This can be a County or private vet, but ensure you check if your vet is registered ( Only if the dog’s vaccination card shows the correct information is the vaccination valid.

Prevention vs treatment

Not spending that money on a vaccination may become much more costly if your unvaccinated dog bites someone. The owner will be responsible for the payment of the vaccination process of the person bitten. It can run into thousands of shillings!


Vaccination Campaigns

We regularly hold vaccination campaigns across Nairobi. Have a look at our events/campaigns page for a campaign close to your home! 


We invite you to inform yourself on the do’s and don’t on handling cats and dogs and what to do when you get bitten. Read more on our education page. 

Vaccination posts

Is it possible to decrease/eliminate rabies in Kenya? Yes it is! Read the document below:

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