What we do

Why we set up the trust

We were concerned about the burgeoning dog and cat population, especially in urban areas, leading to poor animal health, animal abuse, an increase in the spread of rabies, other diseases and dog bites. The populations are able to expand due to garbage piling up, which is sufficient for successful breeding, The increase in backstreet breeding of desired dogs and cats also contributes to the overpopulation.

Unfortunately, the authorities are struggling to manage this situation.  These factors resulted in terrible culling methods that cause excruciating deaths of the animals. It does not solve the problem as less animals means more food and the cycle starts again.

Our belief

We believe that our community consists of not only people, but also flora and fauna, and that all of these life forms are dependent on each other. We think that all life forms deserve to be respected and treated with compassion. By creating a healthy, small population of companion animals, community health can improve dramatically



Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Our mission is ‘to contribute to creating; a manageable healthy population of cats and dogs, education on animal welfare and the eradication of rabies’. 

Our vision is to ‘improve community health through animal welfare’. We strive daily to make sure that we improve community health by taking care of animals.  

Some of our goals are: rabies awareness and vaccination of cats and dogs, humane population control of companion animals and education on the impact of animal welfare on communities.

To achieve our goals, we run campaigns in low income areas with our mobile clinic – vaccinating and sterilizing cats and dogs. We help with feral cat neuter programs and routinely vaccinate and neuter animals in situ. We rescue animals that are abandoned, injured or sick.

Our Trust is run by a small team with the help of volunteers and concerned vets and is dependent on donations. Since 2015 we have vaccinated thousands of cats and dogs, sterilized hundreds and educated hundreds of children on rabies and dog bite prevention as well as animal welfare.


Rabies is 100% avoidable if all dogs are vaccinated yearly. We offer vaccinations at our many campaigns. Vaccinate your dog today!


One female cat’s offspring could reach 20,000 in 5 years. A female dog 2900! Sterilisation is the only way to a healthy, small population  


We want our children to be safe with their pets and community dogs and cats. We teach them about dog bites and rabies prevention. 


We invite you to adopt our fabulous Kenya Sheppard Dogs (KSD) or cats. Abandoned, sick or injured, our foster parents make them into whole and happy beings. 

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