What we wish we knew before rescuing our cats.

It’s been 2 years since Charlie (12 years old) and Hazel (4 years old) blessed our lives, but they somehow still don’t get along. In fact, things have gotten worse between them now that we’ve added Mylo,

a 3-month-old kitten, into the mix.

The first thing we wish we knew before rescuing is how hard it may be for the cats to get along, especially considering they’ve probably never had good interactions with other cats while fending for themselves as strays. Every day, at some point of the day, we have to separate Hazel from the boys because she doesn’t understand their approach to play. She’s very independent and feels threatened whenever the boys pass by or approach her, even in a friendly way. This has been challenging because it’s very sad having to isolate her, we miss her when she’s not around. And while the boys can be put into isolation sometimes too, Charlie’s loud, screeching meow doesn’t allow for this.

Which brings us to the second thing we wish we knew.

We wish we knew just how loud a cat can meow. Seriously speaking, Charlie has one of the loudest voices we’ve ever heard. He is quite literally the houses alarm clock because once Charlie wakes up, everyone must wake up. He yells as soon as the morning birds start chirping, he yells whenever he comes back into the house, he yells if he doesn’t see people around him. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world because his cuddles make us forget it all.

Lastly, we wish we knew just how much we’d fall in love with them.

The unconditional love they show and give us has filled our lives with so much joy! We can’t imagine what life would have been like through the COVID lockdown without them.

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